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Reviewed Nov 2016
AutoPlay is the trading name of AutoPlay Automotive Limited and AutoPlay Real Estate Limited trading in New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia

About this Policy
This policy sets out how AutoPlay Automotive Ltd and AutoPlay Real Estate Ltd collects, uses and discloses your personal information. If you disclose personal information to third parties this policy will not apply and you will be subject to the privacy policy of that third party. By accessing or using AutoPlay services, you agree to the use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in this policy.

AutoPlay and privacy
AutoPlay is bound by The New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.
What personal information is collected
AutoPlay collects personal information that it considers necessary to provide the range of services they offer.

Personal information collected by AutoPlay may include:
Personal information may be collected both directly by AutoPlay, and indirectly by AutoPlay customers utilising AutoPlay provided software and systems. For the purposes of this privacy statement “customers” are classified as;

"AutoPlay Clients" – AutoPlay Clients are companies or individuals that pay or will intend to pay AutoPlay for use of AutoPlay products and services. This may include current and potential customers. AutoPlay Clients may include;
• Car dealerships (i.e Auckland City Toyota)
• OEM/Vehicle Importers/Brands/National Distributors (i.e Toyota NZ)
• National/International Real Estate Brands (i.e Ray White Australia)
• Real Estate Offices (i.e Monarch Harcourts)
• Individual Real Estate Agents

"Other 3rd Party Vendors" – In some cases AutoPlay will be required to work cooperatively with other vendors or 3rd party suppliers in the process of servicing an AutoPlay Client. AutoPlay will never share data with Other 3rd Party Vendors without express written consent provided by the AutoPlay Client. Examples of Other 3rd Party Vendors include;
• DMS/VMS Providers (i.e Systime)
• CRM Systems
• Specialised data integrators
• Other lead management tool
• Other 3rd Party vendors (i.e Finance companies)
• NZ Government Agencies

"Client Customers" – AutoPlay works with AutoPlay Clients who use AutoPlay software and applications to manage their own customer base. These customers are referred to as Client Customers. AutoPlay has no direct interaction with Client Customers, however AutoPlay Clients utilise AutoPlay tools to interact with their own customers.

The information captured by AutoPlay and via AutoPlay software and applications differs by the type of customer.

AutoPlay Clients
• Company and User name, address and contact details
• Company/User bank account and credit account details
• User ID's and passwords
• Records of the services provided to you
• Records of communications with AutoPlay
• Copies of Client Customer databases
• Copies of Client Customer interaction and purchase history (i.e Test Drives, Leads, Sales, email communications)

Other 3rd Party Vendors
The information sent and received to/from Other 3rd Party Vendors differs in each scenario. No integration with 3rd parties is entered into without the express written consent of the authorised contact within the AutoPlay Client. Information captured may include;
• Client Customer information including names, licence details, contact details, history etc
• Client Customer lead information including enquiries, test drive details, appraisal details, write up details and email communications
• AutoPlay Client macro reporting information where appropriate i.e response times, efficiency

Client Customers
Personal information for the Client Customers may be indirectly captured by AutoPlay through use of AutoPlay software and applications, or via web forms. AutoPlay will not directly capture customer information to market to Client Customers. AutoPlay provide the means to capture this information but responsibility for what information is captured, and how it is used is the sole responsibility of the AutoPlay Client. Client Customer information captured is at the discretion of AutoPlay Clients and may include;
• Client Customer information including names, licence details, contact details, history etc
• Purchase history, preferences and behaviour
• Records of Appraisal information

How is personal information collected
Information is collected via various means depending on the type of customer.

AutoPlay Clients
AutoPlay Client customer information is collected via one of the following means
• Sales prospecting via internet research
• Referrals from other customers or contacts
• Submitted enquiries and/or phone calls directly to AutoPlay
• Web forms on
• Referrals supplied by brands/national distributors

Other 3rd Party Vendors
Where agreed information may be shared between Other 3rd Party Vendors and AutoPlay with the permission of AutoPlay Client. This information can be shared in a variety of methods;
• Captured '' emails mapped into AutoPlay
• Spreadsheets or other digital lists
• XML, CSV or TXT via secure FTP
• Via AutoPlay provided web service or API
• Via API or Web Service provided by Other 3rd Party Vendors

Client Customers
All personal information for Client Customers is collected directly by AutoPlay Clients using AutoPlay software and applications. Information is collected on behalf of clients (dealerships or agents) and remains the property of AutoPlay clients. All personal information collected is done so to allow dealerships or agents to reply to enquiry and manage leads through their lead management tools. AutoPlay Clients collect personal information from their customers in a number of ways, including:
• Directly from when personal information is provided directly to AutoPlay Clients through websites or Vehicle Display Pages controlled by AutoPlay.
• When entered manually by AutoPlay Clients salespeople into AutoPlay desktop, tablet and smartphone Lead Management apps when dealing with customers in person, by phone or in writing
• Indirectly via Other 3rd Party Vendors such as Trade Me or AutoTrader (see above Other 3rd Party Providers)

AutoPlay collects, holds and uses personal information for limited purposes Personal Information may used for the following purposes:

  • To provide the services requested to AutoPlay Clients including providing lead management, email communication and video services
  • To enable AutoPlay Clients to provide services to their Client Customers (i.e selling cars, selling houses, servicing cars)
  • To manage provision of AutoPlay Clients services including, customer service and billing
  • AutoPlay will aggregate the non-personally identifiable data of Client Customers from different sources in order to;
    • Assist AutoPlay to better understand how AutoPlay Clients and Client Customers utilise AutoPlay services
    • To provide AutoPlay Clients with further information regarding the uses and benefits of using AutoPlay services.
    • Enhance accuracy, efficiency and transparency for AutoPlay Clients by creating useful business insights from aggregated data and enabling effective benchmarking
    • To otherwise improve the provision of AutoPlay services, software and applications

AutoPlay holds your personal information on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Personal information is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual environments which are hosted in Sydney Australia. AutoPlay is committed to protecting the security of AutoPlay Client and Customer Client information and take all reasonable precautions to protect it from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. For more information please refer to AutoPlay Data Security & Sensitivity Policy 2016.

How is personal information disclosed
AutoPlay will not disclose personal information to individuals and organisations other than;
• AutoPlay employees in the course of fulfilling job requirements
• To Other 3rd Party Vendors only when given express written consent of an authorised contact nominated by the AutoPlay Client.
• In cases where AutoPlay has a contract with parent brands (i.e Toyota NZ, Kia NZ etc), data may be distributed to head office as set down in the individual service agreement between the franchisee and head office.
• The personal information of individuals which has been collated will not be disclosed by AutoPlay to any non-authorised company or individual without the express consent of the persons whose information is affected.

What if you don't provide personal information?
If you choose not to provide personal information when requested, AutoPlay Clients may not be able to provide you with the full range of services.

It is the responsibility of the AutoPlay Client to manage further communication with the Client Customer. If Client Customers do not wish to receive communications from the AutoPlay Client (Dealership or Agent) they must notify the dealership or agent directly. AutoPlay do have a number of facilities included to make it easy for customers to notify dealerships including;
• The ability to opt out from receiving further communication at the point of enquiry
• The ability to opt out from receiving further communication after being sent email marketing communication through AutoPlay software

AutoPlay & Listing Data
  • AutoPlay will export Listing Data and Videos to nominated 3rd Party Portals for Automotive (i.e. Trade Me, AutoTrader) and Real Estate customers (, Real
  • AutoPlay will only export Listing data to 3rd Party Portals where requested by customers and achievable with no custom development.
  • In situations where the customer must pay to list AutoPlay will never distribute our customer’s data to 3rd Party sites without express consent from the customer.
  • When opportunities to list for free on 3rd Party sites exist AutoPlay may negotiate with 3rd Party Sites to populate listings in bulk. When this occurs AutoPlay will ensure this is clearly communicated to customers and provide them with adequate time to opt out.
  • AutoPlay will take all reasonable steps to ensure AutoPlay systems are secure and cannot be accessed by non-authorized parties.
  • AutoPlay Clients must adhere to the following;
    • Take all reasonable steps to keep Data secure from unauthorized use or access.
    • Agree to delete all Data when this agreement is terminated or it’s no longer required for your application’s Approved Purpose or as required by any Business Rule or as we might otherwise direct you.
    • AutoPlay Clients must only use Data for the Approved Purpose.
    • AutoPlay Clients must take all reasonable steps to keep all Data up to date. If there’s a delay or other inaccuracy associated with any Data you’re displaying, be honest and tell your users.
    • AutoPlay Clients must ensure that any Data loaded to AutoPlay is accurate and that you have the right to send it to AutoPlay or 3rd Party Portals

AutoPlay & Email Communication
• Existing AutoPlay Client communication from AutoPlay
It is the policy of AutoPlay to communicate with our AutoPlay Clients via email. This may include monthly ‘PlayBook’ emails, quarterly release notes and other adhoc communications as required. These emails will only be sent to AutoPlay customers and is a key part of AutoPlay’s delivery of service. AutoPlay use email communication as a key method of delivering important product and release information about AutoPlay products and services and we do not recommend they are opted out of. AutoPlay respects your time and endeavours to keep communication to relevant information only. If you are not an AutoPlay customer and believe you have been added to this list in error, please email with the subject line 'Unsubscribe AutoPlay'.
• AutoPlay Sales Activity
As part of AutoPlay’s sales activity we may send email marketing communication to non-customers regarding our products and services. AutoPlay will endeavour to ensure that we communicate only relevant information and provide recipients with the option to opt out if they do not wish to receive further communication.
• AutoPlay Clients and Client Customer communications using AutoPlay tools
As requested and arranged with AutoPlay Clients, AutoPlay may send marketing communications on their behalf to a nominated or supplied customer database. This communication will only be sent at the express request of the AutoPlay Client. In the case of automated email communication this will only be activated with the express written consent of the AutoPlay Client. AutoPlay also make email marketing tools available for our customers to send email directly. It is at the discretion of AutoPlay Clients how, where and why they use our email tools to communicate with their database. We recommend that all communication sent by dealerships is ethical and meets the requirements of their individual Privacy Statements.

What if I have a problem?
If you have a problem, complaint, want to change your personal information or just wish to enquire about privacy please contact us. Location: Level 2, 38 Ireland Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland, 1011, NZ
Postal Address: PO Box 90-207, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142
Phone: (09) 361 1505
Contact: AutoPlay Support

How this policy changes
This policy may change over time. All changes will be published on this website.


Terms and Conditions

The parties enter into this contract for a Minimum Period of twelve (12) months from the Online Date.
If the Customer terminates this agreement prior to the expiry of the Minimum Period or the Further Term then AutoPlay Automotive Ltd shall have the right to charge a cancellation fee of:
i. An amount equal to two months of the Customer's advertising spend with AutoPlay Automotive Ltd.
After expiry of the Minimum Period either party may, within 30 days of the date of expiry, cancel this agreement on 14 days written notice to the other party. If such notice of cancellation is not given then the term of the contract shall be deemed to have been extended on a month by month basis.
All prices are to be "plus GST". The Customer shall pay goods and services tax and any other taxes at the applicable rate in addition to all sums specified (unless specified otherwise).
The payment for any services provided is due and payable, by way of automatic payment to the bank account of AutoPlay Automotive Ltd, One month in advance of the Services being provided (called "the payment date").
Payment of the Set-up Fee, as detailed on previous page, is to be made within 7 days of the date of this Agreement.
Should payment not be received by the payment date, AutoPlay Automotive Ltd reserves the right to suspend provision of the Services unless and until payment is made.
In no event will AutoPlay Automotive Limited be liable (whether in contract. tort including negligence or otherwise):
(i) For loss of revenue or profit, loss of anticipated savings, loss of goodwill or opportunity, loss of production, loss or corruption of data or wasted management or staff time; or
(ii) Loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind whatsoever that is indirect, consequential, or of a special nature, arising directly or indirectly out of these terms, even if the Customer has been advised of the possibility of such damages, and even if such loss, damage, cost or expense was reasonably foreseeable by either party.
Autoplay recommends a minimum level of internet bandwidth / speed be present to optimize the apps performance. This service can be either of the following:
(i) 3G mobile data service
(ii) Wireless service (note this must be unaffected by the dealership firewalls, Autoplay will discuss this with your IT department)